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Summertime & Laser Hair Removal

Tuesday June 01, 2021 | Category: Hair Removal

While Laser Hair Removal treatments can be done all year round, Summer makes it a bit difficult for some of our clients to adhere to the usual laser hair removal precautions! With the rising temperatures comes more visits to the pool and to the beach, which can result in freshly tanned skin and even sunburns! If you recall, we recommend avoiding intense sun exposure for two weeks prior to your treatment. This is because the added heat from the laser can potentially further damage your already sun-damaged skin.

We strongly encourage you to take care of your skin in general, but especially before a treatment. We also know that no one intends to get a sunburn! But if you are getting laser hair removal over the summer, please be honest with us about your sun exposure. It helps us give you the best care and treatment possible.

If avoiding the beach is absolutely out of the question, we recommend staying in the shade as much as possible (bring a large umbrella!) and using sunblock properly.  Wearing sunblock daily can prevent many of the adverse reactions that can come from sun exposure combined with laser hair removal, as well as just general protection from other conditions (like skin cancer).  Adverse reactions to the sun can include not only burns but also hyperpigmentation.

Please note that when we talk about sun exposure, it does not necessarily mean just to be careful when you are spending hours in the sun! Unfortunately, whether you are in the sun for 20 minutes or two hours, the UV rays can cause damage to your skin, and that does not combine well with laser treatments. If we have to ask you to reschedule due to extended sun exposure, this throws off your treatment intervals and may require you to have more treatments than originally would have been necessary to achieve your ideal level of hair-free.

We know it may be embarrassing to admit, or you may not think it is a big deal, but we must stress that you please do not lie about your recent sun exposure!  It is very important to stay on top of your treatment intervals and by lying about the sun exposure, you are ultimately doing more damage to yourself than good. Help us help you get the results you desire by both avoiding sun exposure before and after treatment, and by being honest and upfront with us about sun exposure!

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