Laser Hair Removal for New Moms

Thursday July 30, 2020 | Category: Hair Removal

If you’re a new mom, you may have recently realized a few things. One, pregnancy certainly made it harder for you to shave, particularly in your last trimester. And two, now that you’ve given birth, shaving may be physically easier but you simply have less time than ever before, with caring for your newborn. Maybe you’ve casually thought about laser hair removal in the past… but now, you’re starting to seriously understand the appeal!

When it comes to laser hair removal after pregnancy, it is recommended that you wait up to six months after giving birth to start your laser hair removal treatments. The reason for this is simple: pregnancy does a whole lot of messing around with your hormones! You’ll often find that pregnancy hormones will affect the growth cycle of your hair and that you’ll temporarily grow more hair than usual. About three to six months after you give birth, your hormones begin to normalize, and all that extra hair should fall out. We don’t want to laser unnecessarily, so it’s best to wait until you’re back to your normal growth rate.

Another change that occurs during pregnancy is that your skin becomes more sensitive due to the increased blood supply throughout your body. Other skin changes include, of course, stretching around your tummy and breasts. Where you normally would have a pain-free procedure, laser hair removal during a time when your body has not reverted back to a pre-pregnancy state, where the pregnancy has made areas of your body more tender and sensitive could be uncomfortable or even rather painful.

If you’re reading this and wondering why not just preemptively get laser hair removal during your pregnancy, we will have to ask you to wait. The main reason is that, while laser hair removal is a relatively safe procedure under regular circumstances, there is a serious lack of safety studies done on the effects of laser hair removal to prove that is is safe for both pregnant mother and the fetus. In the absence of these studies, it is just simply better to be safe rather than sorry!

If you are a new mom considering laser hair removal, first, let us offer our congratulations! Secondly, give us a call to schedule a consultation – we can begin discussing how your body is reacting to postpartum and then we can figure out when to start your laser hair removal treatments.

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