It’s So The “Macho” Thing To Do

Friday January 17, 2020 | Category: Hair Removal

The winter months are the perfect time to schedule laser hair removal treatment to get your body “beach ready” for the summer. And this applies to not only women but to men as well!

Men, are you self-conscious of any of your body hair? One of the most common places we see men wanting to get rid of or lessen their hair is on their back. Not all back hair is created equal – certain genes can make you more sensitive to testosterone, making your back hair thicker than it is in other places. So yes, blame your genetics for being the likely cause for that hairy back that leaves you feeling self-conscious.

But here at Laser Center of Port Orange, we don’t have to care about genetics too much. Schedule a consultation NOW so we can discuss getting rid of that back hair that causes you so much grief before the summer starts! Don’t you want to rock your swimsuit confidently?

For some reason, we see there is still a stigma about the removal of body hair for men as if it’s not the “macho” thing to do. Please, guys, there’s absolutely no need to be embarrassed. We can work out appointment times where we create an extra buffer so it is possible for you to be the only person in the waiting room if you are concerned. We have many male clients and we can handle these appointments with utmost discretion if you are nervous about being seen. In addition to back hair, we routinely do treatments for men such as underarms, abdomen, chest, buttocks, inner ears, forearms, facial, and that little strip that causes a unibrow for our male clients.

Remember, you’re not alone in wanting to achieve your hair-free, carefree dreams! Stop wearing a shirt on the beach and give us a call today.

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