Honor Earth Day all year round by getting laser hair removal treatments

Wednesday April 29, 2020 | Category: Hair Removal

Every April, we observe Earth Day. Many people plant trees or work in their garden to honor this day. But did you know you can honor Earth Day all year round by getting laser hair removal treatments? Laser Hair Removal is actually the most environmentally friendly way to get rid of unwanted hair. We’ll break down the top three reasons why in this blog.

1. Reduces Plastic Waste

For starters, for the most part, razors cannot be recycled in the United States. This is particularly problematic with disposable razors! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that nearly two billion razors are tossed out each year. These razors will sit in landfills for hundreds of years before they even begin to decompose. This doesn’t even include the plastic packaging that razors come in! With laser hair removal, there is significantly less waste involved – which is better for the planet.

2. Reduces Chemical Waste

Again, even if we ignore the packaging these products come in, creams, and waxes create their own waste! Every product you use on your body, your face, and your hair – either seeps itself into your skin, ends up in the trash, or washes away down the drain. Most people probably don’t even give a second thought to those chemicals that wash away down the drain, but that doesn’t mean those chemicals don’t affect the environment! These chemicals actually eventually end up in local waterways – to be ingested by fish and other sea creatures.

3. Reduces Water Waste

Shaving takes time! Every minute spent in the shower uses about 2.5 gallons of water. If the water is running for twenty minutes, that’s 50 gallons of water used. It is estimated that 1.2 trillion gallons of water are being used in the United States each year. Getting laser hair removal treatments will guarantee you spend less time letting the water run, thus helping save water for the whole planet!

To invest in yourself and the planet, contact Laser Center of Port Orange today.

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